Copyediting and Formatting for Cureus

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Copyediting and Formatting for Cureus

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Your article will be professionally copyedited and formatted to meet Cureus publication requirements. Once received, your document will be edited and returned in approximately 10 business days

Timelines for Cureus edits are extended to continue to make this low-cost offering feasible compared to our Standard or Express Services. 

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Special Editing Service for Cureus Authors

Peak Medical Editing has teamed with Cureus to provide low-cost copyediting and formatting services to authors who would like to save time and effort preparing their manuscripts for submission to Cureus. Peak Medical Editing is proud to provide this basic service for Cureus authors at a reduced price compared to our more in-depth comprehensive service. 

Peak Medical Editing will provide basic copyediting, which includes correcting grammar, rhetoric, language use, consistency, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

Peak Medical Editing will also properly format your text structure and all references to meet Cureus publication requirements

How It Works:

Once you select your article type, click "Purchase" and complete the checkout. You will receive a confirmation email with an order number. Simply reply to the confirmation email and attach your documents to be edited. We will confirm receipt of your documents and provide a date by which your edited documents will be returned. 

We respect your privacy and intellectual property.

All materials submitted will be handled with strict confidentiality as outlined in our Privacy Policy

We accept .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .pdf files. Graphics, tables, and figures may be embedded in the text or attached as separate files. Combined total file size is limited to 20 MB per email.  Please contact us for information if you require a file transfer larger than 20 MB.

Note: By submitting your documents to Peak Medical Editing, LLC, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service

Please note that the submitting author is ultimately responsible for the content of the article and its submission to Cureus. We cannot be responsible for errors introduced by the author or a third party after our final review or errors we have flagged but were unaddressed by the author prior to submission to Cureus

This special service is for a basic edit and formatting of the article and references to meet Cureus submission requirements. This service does not include plagiarism screening, substantive editing, or AMA writing consultation. If we suspect plagiarism, we will run a plagiarism screen during our review of the article and notify the author if necessary. Questionable content in the article and any errors made by the author during the upload to Cureus are not the responsibility of Peak Medical Editing. Authors are welcome to engage our full service, which includes plagiarism screening prior to submission to your journal, substantive editing, and AMA style writing tips. To engage our full service, please select our Standard or Express services.