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Pangolin Productions is a full service medical communications company. Their highly-skilled and experienced medical writers are available to partner with you on many different types of publications, including abstracts, posters, theses, as well as peer-reviewed journal publications. They have access to a breadth of background experience as well as varying specialties and educations levels to best suit your needs. Learn more at

AMR offers scientific services to medical device manufacturers and academic research institutions. They specialize in medical writing, data management, and outcome research. Learn more at

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Best Statistician is a group of freelance biostatisticians with an extensive background in biomedical science who graduated from top-ranking Polish universities. Thanks to diversified education and experience, they offer comprehensive services in planning experiments, performing statistical analyses, and interpreting results in all areas of life sciences. They focus on cutting-edge data science methods including neural networks. For more information, visit

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MWD Consulting provides expert training and consulting services in HPLC and pharmaceutical analysis to pharma, biotech, and instrument companies in drug development, CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, Control) and regulatory filings. Find out more at

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