Expedited Service: Returned in 3 to 5 Business Days


Expedited Service: Returned in 3 to 5 Business Days

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Your documents will receive our comprehensive editing service and will be returned in 3 to 5 business days. All changes will be made using the Microsoft Word Track Changes tool. For documents >16,000 words, please contact us for a customized quote. 

Manuscript Word Count (Including References):
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How It Works

Once you select the appropriate word count for your article (including references), click "Purchase" and complete the checkout. You will receive a confirmation email with an order number.*

Simply reply to the confirmation email and attach your documents to be edited. We will confirm receipt of your documents and provide a date by which your edited documents will be returned. 

We will return an edited document using the Track Changes tool in Microsoft Word. We recommend a careful review of all changes in the tracked change document to ensure your original message has been preserved and unaltered by editorial changes.

*Materials for editing submitted in excess of the word count threshold for the order will be canceled and fully refunded. Authors will be notified of the cancellation and encouraged to place a new order of appropriate size.

Edits Until You Are Satisfied With The Content

If you disagree with any corrections or suggestions and would like us to perform an additional edit, please add your own comments using the “Track Changes” tool and return the document to us via email. We will provide another round of revisions at no additional charge, taking your new comments or changes into account. We will also reformat the manuscript for one additional journal if you change your mind about your initial target journal.

Our Editing Service

Each purchase receives our comprehensive scientific editing service as detailed here and summarized below:

  • Substantive Editing: Where appropriate, Peak will provide constructive recommendations for revisions and suggested re-wording; restructure paragraphs for improved flow; condense materials if necessary; and remove redundancy.

  • Copyediting/Proofreading: Peak will correct any grammatical errors; check for accuracy in scientific rhetoric expressions and language use; indicate preferred medical usage; check consistency throughout the document; check for faulty parallelism and provide suggested revisions; and correct any spelling, punctuation, or capitalization errors.

  • Proper Formatting: Peak will format your text, abstract, references, tables, figures, and legends per the requirements of your target journal.

  • Plagiarism Check: Peak will use robust plagiarism detection software to check the manuscript against an index of over 8 billion pages of online literature to ensure all work is properly cited and attributed to external sources.

  • Publication-Ready References: Peak will review all reference information for citation accuracy and proper formatting. Peak will also verify all in-text citations against the list of references to ensure each citation also appears in the references list, and that all references in the references list appear in the text as appropriate.

Our Promise

We stand by our work. If your manuscript is rejected due to English language issues, we will issue a full refund to you and re-edit your manuscript for free. However, we cannot be responsible for errors introduced by the author or a third party after our final review or errors we have flagged but were unaddressed by the author prior to submission to a journal. 

We respect your privacy and intellectual property.

By submitting your documents to Peak Medical Editing, LLC, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service. All materials submitted will be handled with strict confidentiality as outlined in our Privacy Policy

We accept .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .pdf files. Graphics, tables, and figures may be embedded in the text or attached as separate files. Combined total file size is limited to 20 MB per email. Please contact us for information if you require a file transfer larger than 20 MB.

Please Note

The submitting author is ultimately responsible for the content of the article and its submission. We cannot be responsible for errors introduced by the author or a third party after our final review or errors we have flagged but were unaddressed by the author prior to submission to a journal. Questionable content in the article and any errors made by the author during the upload or submission to the target journal are not the responsibility of Peak Medical Editing.